Excellent Communication

Regan was essential in helping me obtain the Website for the company I am currently working for (*confidential). He supported me throughout the entire designing process (from contacting me and working with me diligently) by first e-mailing me, calling me, then meeting me at the interview spot to give me some tips and extra knowledge in regards to the website we would be building. Regan was always on point for follow-ups and very quick to respond and keep me in the loop of the building process. If you are looking for a Web Manager to provide you guidance and remove that barrier to getting online, Regan will be that rare go-to person who will go that extra mile to accommodate to your requests. Last but not least, his demeanor and excellent communication skills make him stand out as a very reliable individual. First impressions are important and Regan has the natural ability to give you the confidence needed to pursue the site you are looking for.