Feeling lost? We’ve got a nickel’s worth of free advice for you.

These tips can help you get the most amazing-est new domain.

 Keep it simple

A keyword-friendly domain will help with SEO, but above all be sure to keep it simple and (ideally) memorable.

 Keep it brandable

Brandability is more important than ever. Be unique, but use alternative spellings of words with caution.

 Be quick about it

The truth is that domains are registred very quickly and what’s available today can easily be gone tomorrow; act fast!

Each Domain Includes

  • Simple domain set up. You don’t need any technical skills.
  • Up to 100 subdomains create a custom web address.
  • Real-time monitoring to make sure you’re always up and running.
  • Quick, simple tools to forward your domains to any existing website.
  • World-class support from our web pros standing by ready to assist.

Privacy Protection

Keep your personal information private

As soon as you register with Reegies or any other registrar, your personal information is displayed in a public directory. Hackers and spammers often use this to compile email lists and steal domains. Harsh, but true.

When you add Privacy Protection to your domains:

  • We replace your name and contact details with our partner company’s, Domains By Proxy. No one ever sees your name, address, email or phone number but us.
  • You still control your domains and all email addressed to them as well as the right to sell, renew or transfer them. Your domains are still 100% yours.

You may sleep better knowing your personal information isn’t on display to the whole world.